Musique de Table - Thierry de Mey

This video is from a concert organised by fellow percussionist, Brian O'Regan, and myself. For this piece, we were joined by Clare O'Keeffe. A sure audience pleaser that is full of variety and humour, Musique de Table highlights the link between the rhythms we hear and the visual gestures that are required to produce the sounds. Written for three musicians playing only wooden "sound boards", the diversity of tones is created by striking the boards in different ways (as seen in the video). Every type of sound and movement accurately described in a 6-page set of instructions that accompanies the score.

Fugue from Sonata No. 1 in G minor - J. S. Bach

In recent years it has become popular to transcribe works by Bach for the marimba. As there are no marimba pieces written before the 20th Century, transcriptions are often included in recitals to provide a balance with the more modern repertoire. For the solo marimba, his works for solo violin and cello are well suited, as the four strings translate well to the four mallets used by the marimba player.

A Little Prayer - Evelyn Glennie

This piece, written by the world-renowned percussionist, Evelyn Glennie, is part of a collection of chorales that she wrote when she was a teenager. These are hauntingly beautiful pieces, which take full advantage of the resonance of the marimba. Their simple chorale style makes them unique in the marimba literature.

Prelude and Fugue - Sam Perkin

This video is from the first Cork New Music Ensemble concert in May, 2011. This piece was written especially for the violinist, Eoin Ducrot, and myself. When I first approached Sam, I asked him to write something challenging. He said that he would, but that it wouldn't be challenging in the obvious ways. I think he certainly delivered in that respect. Without being overly virtuosic, there are many moments in the piece that took me by surprise and certainly messed with my brain. At one point in the fugue, a portion of the theme (the most difficult passage rhythmically) is layered on top of itself six times!

Paddy - Donnacha Dennehy

When I entered the Tromp competition in 2010, I wanted to play an Irish work somewhere in the programme and so, I learned this piece. I came across it on a CD featuring the percussionist, Tatiana Koleva, who performed it extremely well. Although never explicitly stated by the composer, some people have made a connection between the title and Paddy's whiskey. I decided "why not?", and incorporated this idea into the instrumentation. In my version, the instruments used are two bass drums, two boxes, two woodblocks, six bottles and one beer keg.

Rebonds B - Iannis Xenakis

A masterpiece from one of the major composers of the 20th century, Rebonds is a clear demonstration of the primal energy of rhythm. The work contains two movements, A and B, which may be performed in any order. Only part B is shown in the video.

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