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The Cork New Music Ensemble (CNME) is a contemporary music ensemble based in Cork, Ireland, which was founded by Alex. The flexible nature of the ensemble means that they can perform anything from solos and duets to chamber ensemble pieces for around 20 musicians playing a wide range of instruments including string, wind, brass, percussion and keyboard instruments. Since 2011, they have premiered 28 new works, giving composers and performers alike the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas. In addition to this, they also perform established contemporary repertoire.



S. Barker

K. Emtage

S. Ladden

S. Lane

P. O'Connor

D. O'Regan

P. O'Reilly

S. Parker

S. Perkin

R. Rudkins

Instrumental Sonnets, (vln, d.bass, vibes)
Rusty Buttons, (clar, mrba, tbne, d.bass)

, (b. flte, cello)

String Trio, (vln, vla, cello)

Making Time, (pno, vibes)

Evocation, (pno, vibes, flte, pno, perc, cello, sop)
Sonatina for Solo Guitar
Triptych, (vln)

Sleepwalk, (b. flte, vibes)
Swamp Donkey, (b. clar, elect)

Yello, (2 pnos)

Lullabies for an Estuary of Sculptures,
    (flte, pno, cello, perc)
Four Martyn Interludes, (perc, pno, d.bass, tenor)
Miniature Piano Concerto, (pno, perc)

Prelude and Fugue for Violin and Marimba
A Collection of Dreams for Horn and Piano
Play Fight from Eight Pieces for Eoin, (vln, pno)

Two Little Pieces for Cello and Piano

LARGE MIXED ENSEMBLE ( >10 players )

S. Barker

D. Kearnes-Hayes

S. Mahon

B. O'Connor

D. O'Keeffe

P. Power

R. Rudkins

C. Ryan

Suite for Chamber Ensemble (*)

Woodland (*)

As the Leaf Withers (*)
He Lifts My Soul (*)

Droplets on Staves(*)

Tribute to Newman (*)

Gloomy Prospect (*), (with electronics)

A Tricky Little Christmas (*)

For Solo Cello and Ensemble (*)